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«Asks from 5 million years ago.»

Alfred: :D It`s so nice to see you again though, Little Artie…!

[Poopy Dee’s ask-mononoke-arthur is a sweetheart, really uwu - :D Wanted to take advantage of the fact that her Arthur’s under an M!A]

Arthur: …. B… Both are nice.

«Old art behind the link… :) Alfie had to choose once too ~ As well, Maggie and I plan to stream either tonight (8pm EST) or tomorrow during the day (10am-2pm-ish EST) - :) Let us know what works best for you…!»

Hey Alfred, when is the last time you and Alfred had a good makeout session? The weather is nice; why not take him to a nice makeout spot, like the beach at night or something?

Just can’t forget [Part Four]






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«It’s been 3 months since the last update… Uh… Yeah. :I

Also, normally the Freanne posts were going to be in colour, but I wasn’t feeling it, so :/»

Alfred: :( Don’t be sad, guys…!

«Tablet was having problems so the text is all in real font and not my writing, LOL

PS: That lemon is really ugly, I’m sorry. D:»

You and your boyfriend are cute dorks, Alfred.


«Arthur doesn’t mean the term dork to be something bad - he’s just being shy and well — uwu dorky

Edit: WHOOPS - that should say ‘the fact’, not ‘that fact’ LOL ewe~»